The Living Sword by Pemry Janes

by Hope Hanson
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Eurik was found adrift by the san and raised by them. Though he had read much about the outside world, he’d never considered leaving home. Not until his teacher revealed what he had inherited from his parents: a living sword, a sentient blade of rare power . . . and with it, the names of his father and mother.

Reluctant to go, yet curious, Eurik sets out to discover who they were, and what happened to them. But is he ready for all the attention his heritage will earn him? Can he survive in a world he has only read about?

–from the blurb about The Living Sword

Thank you so much to Pemry Janes for providing me with a digital copy for review! You can check out his author site/blog here.

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Rating: 3.25/5

By now, I think everyone knows how much I love epic fantasy. I can admit that I possibly rant and rave too much about my favorite books in general, but epic fantasies especially. But hey; at least I channel that into a review site rather than blabbering on to people who don’t care, right?

Today, I bring you my review of The Living Sword by Pemry Janes. I really enjoyed this book, which isn’t surprising considering the genre. Still, I’m excited to share with you why I did. So, keep reading to find out!


To start with, I absolutely adored the world-building in this book. That was without a doubt my favorite part. Not only did I find the fictional world extremely interesting, but I also liked how Janes handled describing it. Everything felt incredibly realistic, and I felt immersed in the setting. He gave us a lot of detail about this fictional universe, though there’s definitely more he could have explained. But there are more books in the series, so I suppose they will be fleshed out.

Moving on from the world-building, though, I also really liked the characters. Eurik’s perspective was so interesting; his characterization was definitely my favorite, and I enjoyed seeing how his upbringing influenced the way he saw the world. Of course, I also loved Leraine, and she definitely has a lot of potential. This was a short book, so there wasn’t too much room for in-depth character arcs, but I definitely enjoyed the parts of her story and her character that were shown.

As for the plot, it wasn’t quite as complex as some other books in this genre. But, like I said, The Living Sword wasn’t extremely length, and I still enjoyed this story. It was fast-paced and kept me interested, so I don’t really have any complaints.

In the end, I think that’s the crux of the matter when it comes to this book. All the little “flaws” were just due to the shorter length of the book. Obviously, when you have fewer pages, that means you have less room to explore and expand upon things. So, I don’t even really think “flaws” is the best word, but I’ll use it for simplicity’s sake.

TL,DR Recommendation

All things considered, I enjoyed reading this book. The story kept me hooked the entire time, the characters were interesting, and I loved the setting. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you choose to read this. And personally, I’m looking forward to hopefully buying and reading the other books in the series in the future!

If you do choose to give this one a chance, drop a comment down below or visit my Instagram page to tell me your thoughts! I would love to hear them. And if you enjoyed this review for The Living Sword, feel free to click here or use the Book Reviews tab to access my full library of reviews.

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