by Hope Hanson

What is The Book Suite?

The Book Suite is a blog for all things bookish. Have you finally finished reading every book on your shelf and now, you’re wondering what to read next? Then you can check out my Book Reviews section and find some truly amazing books from a wide variety of genres and authors! Have you been struck by a sudden bout of writer’s block? Then head over to the Writing section, where you can find everything from tips and tricks to more in-depth articles on writing. Of course, you might also just be looking for some fun book-related content! In that case, check out the Extras section to find themed lists, Top 5 Wednesday posts, and much, much more!  

About Me

Hello! I’m Hope, and I’m a lifelong book-lover, an unprofessional writer, and a caffeine-addict. I started The Book Suite in the crazed haze of 2020 as a place to share all my book-related opinions. My original goal was to simply share my thoughts and to introduce fellow readers to amazing books and authors; I also hoped to help amateur writers like myself by sharing the occasional tip or trick I’ve learned through my experiences with writing. Now, though, my little blog has grown a bit, and so have my goals! Don’t worry, I still want to do all those things. But I also hope to spotlight some truly amazing Indie authors and give their books the love they deserve. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people over the last year, and I hope that you enjoy learning about them just as much! 

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