A Choice of Blades by D.N. Woodward

by Hope Hanson
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A Choice of Blades Cover

With no knowledge of his true heritage, a young rancher, Leon Waldman, must forge a bold path for survival when he is tossed into a legendary world of powerful skin-changers and deadly creatures of myth!

Come what may, he is determined to stick to a promise made to his grandfather, a promise to find a way home for him and those forced through the portal with him. To do so, he’s going to have to push himself in ways he never thought possible, and a simple bone handled Blade may be the key to either making or breaking that effort.

—from the blurb about A Choice of Blades

Thank you to D.N. Woodward for providing me with a digital copy for review! You can find out more about his work on his official site.

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Rating: 3.5/5

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another review! This is a bit of a late upload, but I wanted to get this done and posted today, so here we are.

Anyway, when D.N. Woodward asked if I was interested in doing a review of A Choice of Blades, I was immediately interested. First of all, it’s a great title, but secondly, I always love stories about characters who get thrown into a new world they know nothing about that leaves them totally out of their depth. I’ll admit that it’s a bit of a cheesy trope, but hey; I still like it.

But keep reading my review of A Choice of Blades to find out more about what I did and didn’t like in this book!


I think the best way to describe this book is as solid.

Even though it didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The story and plot were definitely the best parts of the book; I loved Woodward’s take on skin-changers. He did a great job of combining the common elements of this trope with new ideas and fresh takes; in fact, the main plot revolves around one of the unique ideas Woodward introduced to this trope.

Honestly, it was all very interesting and it kept me fascinated the entire time I was reading. You know I love my world-building, and I think a lot of what Woodward did can be safely classified as world-building.

Additionally, the plot had plenty of action. It starts early in the story, guns blazing and fists flying and everything, and it continues from there. Woodward definitely has a talent for coming up with and writing out awesome action sequences.

As for the characters, I do think they could have used more development and depth. Even when Woodward gave certain characters backstories to explain their actions, they still seemed somewhat two-dimensional. I don’t know if it was the delivery of the information or something else, but it was still a thing.

Still, I enjoyed reading about them and the things that happened to them. Even if they weren’t my favorite characters in the whole world, they were still fairly likable and enjoyable to read about.

TL,DR Recommendation

So, overall, I’d recommend checking out this book if you’ve enjoyed the shapeshifter/skin-changer trope in the past. In that case, you’ll most likely enjoy this book! And it really does have quite a bit going for it, between an action-packed plot and tons of uniqueness, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by it.

If you do choose to read this one, feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts! Or, you can come over and leave a comment or drop me a message on my Bookstagram account. I’m always down to talk about books with you!

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