Review Policy

by Hope G. Hanson

(Last Updated 1 Jan 2021)

This page contains information about my policies for the book reviews I post. It should be noted that this page is subject to frequent change.

General Policy

All reviews posted to this site as well as other platforms consist wholly of my own opinions and are not influenced or biases in any way. I am not compensated monetarily or otherwise (though I do get some books free of charge–please see below for more on that!) for any of the reviews that I post or the opinions contained in them. After all, I’ve already got plenty to say on my own; I don’t think anyone wants to pay me to say even more.

Specific Disclaimers/Disclosures

Aside from the general disclosure and disclaimer that can be found here, for reviews for which it applies, specific disclaimers/disclosures will be placed at the top of the post to ensure full disclosure and transparency.

Books I Dislike & Bad Reviews

It is actually pretty rare that I find myself genuinely hating a book. I am not hard to please and like to think I’m pretty open-minded, and I can usually find something I enjoy in just about any book.

That being said, when the occasion does arise, it is my policy to not post bad reviews. It is my belief that there is an audience for every book, and just because I did not like a book does not mean there is not someone (or many people, for that matter) who will. The only theoretical situation in which I would post a poor review is if I believed there to be a pressing, obligatory reason to share something of the sort about a book. However, that’s an unlikely scenario.

And when it comes down to it, I want this site to help people find books they will enjoy–which means posting reviews of bad books just isn’t necessary.


Currently, I have a BookSirens account, through which I am able to get free books and ARCs that I then share an honest review for. These reviews are not influenced or biased, and are my genuine opinion on these books! Specific disclaimers about books I’ve read through this program will be included at the beginning of those reviews, and for more information, please see the BookSirens site.

Requested Reviews

I am open to specific requests and am happy to receive copies from publishers/authors/etc. for reviews! If this is something in which you are interested, please contact me through or an affiliated social media account.

Any and all subsequent reviews are my own opinions and are entirely unbiased, and follow the other measures of my general policy.

Additionally, if you are a reader/follower and would like to recommend or suggest a particular book to me, I am always happy to be introduced to new books and authors. For that, the best way to give a recommendation would be through comments on posts or by messaging me through Instagram.