Review Policy

by Hope Hanson

(Last Updated 7 May. 2021)

This page contains information about my policies for the book reviews I post. It should be noted that this page is subject to frequent change.

General Policy

All reviews posted to this site as well as other platforms consist wholly of my own unbiased opinions and are not influenced or biased in any way. I am not compensated monetarily or otherwise (though I do get some books free of charge–please see below for more on that!) for any of the reviews that I post or the opinions contained in them. After all, I’ve already got plenty to say on my own; I don’t think anyone wants to pay me to say even more!

Specific Disclaimers/Disclosures

Aside from the general disclosure and disclaimer that can be found here, for reviews for which it applies, specific disclaimers/disclosures will be placed at the top of the post to ensure full disclosure and transparency. You’ll always be aware of any books I received free of charge and where they came from!


Currently, I have a BookSirens account, through which I am able to receive free books and ARCs for which I then share an honest, voluntary review. These reviews are not influenced or biased, and are my genuine opinions on these books! Specific disclaimers about books I’ve read through this program will be included at the beginning of those reviews, and for more information, please see the BookSirens site.

Review Submissions

If you are an author or a publisher interested in having your book reviewed, I’d love to hear from you! Just read the guidelines and information below to make sure you’re aware of everything, and then contact me at

Preferred Genres

  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • New Adult
  • Science Fiction
  • Young Adult

Accepted Formats

For eBooks, I accept EPUB and PDF formats. For physical copies, just please be aware that I live in the US!

The Process

Within your email, please include the obvious information (your name, the name of your book, a short description/blurb) as well as what format you intend to send. Once I have received your email, I will respond as promptly as possible. I do my best to respond to every email, but please be aware that if you have not received a reply from me within a week, I likely have chosen not to consider your book for review but don’t have the time to reply due to a high volume of submissions. (Don’t worry; I check my junk box often, so your submission won’t get lost there!)

Arranging the rest of the details will simply be done over email. This is where you can give me the release date of your book (if it is an ARC), I will give you an estimate of when the review will be posted, and so forth.

The Review

My reviews for books submitted by authors and publishers adhere to my general review policy. They consist entirely of my own unbiased opinions, reactions, and thoughts on the book. My reviews are formatted as follows:

  • Title and author
  • Cover image
  • Release date (for ARCs)
  • Synopsis/blurb
  • Star rating
  • Review
  • TL,DR simple recommendation/suggested audience
  • Link for the book

Obviously, I can’t guarantee that I will give your book a five-star review, and I will still post my review if I give it less than five stars. Feel free to check out other reviews on my site to get a general idea of what I might think of your book!

Additional Options

Aside from basic review submissions, I also work with authors and publishers in a number of other ways to promote their books. This includes:

  • Blog tours
  • Giveaways
  • Cover reveals

If you are interested in any of these, please simply contact me in the same manner as you would to request a review for your book! If you are also submitting your book for a review, just include any additional options you’d like to work together on in that same email. I look forward to hearing from you!