Disclosure & Disclaimer

by Hope Hanson


(Last Updated 29 July 2021)

The Book Suite is a personal blog that is written and edited by me and me alone! Here, I share my personal opinions, experiences, and advice about books and writing because I genuinely enjoy doing so.

I am not compensated for providing my opinions on books or any other topic, and all opinions are completely my own personal beliefs.

As of right now, I do not receive compensation from advertisers, affiliate links, or the like. However, I am open to and do receive books from publishers/authors for review, and to a lesser extent, I do gain access to certain books free of charge through certain programs. (Please see my review policy for more information!)

Additionally, I do “rep” for some book-related small businesses; however, since rep terms change frequently and differ, please see my associated Instagram account (most of this “repping” is done on “Bookstagram” and not on my site) for specifics.

Should any of these circumstances change, though, this page will be updated with that information. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!


(Last Updated 28 Nov 2020)

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