The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

by Hope Hanson
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Holly Black Queen of Nothing cover

His voice is soft, and I make the mistake of looking into his black eyes, at his wicked, curving mouth.

“But your beauty will fade,” he continues, just as softly, speaking like a lover. “And all you have and all you are will rot away to nothing. You will be nothing. You are nothing.”

–from the back cover of The Queen of Nothing
Rating: 4.5/5

Recently, I finally found the time to read the finale to The Folk of the Air trilogy and to see how this story ends. Although it might not seem like it, considering how long it took me to get around to reading the final installment, but I was incredibly excited to see how Holly Black wrapped up Jude’s story; now, I’m happy to say that Black did not disappoint!


To begin with, The Queen of Nothing was, overall, an amazing ending to an amazing series. The book, like the others before it, was action-packed and filled with plot twists and suspense. It all had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time. The characters, and the dynamics between them, were as interesting as ever; they added a layer of complexity and personality that took an already amazing story above and beyond. Black’s writing, too, and her ability to weave together excitement, character development, and lore, was as masterful as always.

If anything, I only wish there was more of the book and more exploration of certain characters and plot twists. Admittedly, though, that likely stems from how much I’ve enjoyed this trilogy and wish it didn’t have to end just yet.

When it comes down to it, The Queen of Nothing gave this story and these characters the ending they deserved. And while I am sad to see them go, I greatly enjoyed reading the conclusion to their story. For anyone who enjoyed the previous books in this trilogy, you won’t be disappointed. And anyone who enjoys modern fantasies but has yet to give The Folk of the Air a try, I would definitely recommend doing so!

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