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by Hope Hanson
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Today is my stop for The Green Cathedral book tour! When I was invited to join this tour, I loved the premise and I was excited to read this book. As much as I enjoy this type of book, I honestly don’t read enough of them. Additionally, the sci-fi elements mentioned sounded awesome.

But before I get into my review, thank you so much Kerry McDonald and Love Books Tours for organizing this tour and providing me with a copy to review! I had a great time reading The Green Cathedral, and I’m grateful to have been included in the tour.

Now, on to the review!


Rating: 3.5/5

First, the positives! I really enjoyed the overall plot of this book; it had plenty of action and exciting twists, plus it jumped between a lot of awesome locations. I loved how different events wove together; McDonald has a real talent for squeezing so many different things into one storyline. (Seriously, if you were to make one of those witch hat plot diagrams for this book, it would have a lot of peaks.)

Additionally, McDonald is incredibly good at making readers feel the tension. There were so many parts of this book where I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out whether or not Abel would make it through. Those parts definitely outweighed the few parts where the story dragged.

Of course, I also loved how the story was told from different perspectives. But I do think that that’s a more common narrative style authors use when it comes to a book of this genre and type, so I was expecting it. I’m not entirely sure how to word this, but I suppose that based on the books such as this one that I’ve read, when it comes to them, having multiple points of view narrating the story is more of a given and less of a unique stylistic choice to be appreciated.

As for the characters, I must say that I wasn’t a huge fan of Abel, the main character, especially toward the beginning. He grew on me over the course of the story, but he was definitely a little supercilious and bully-like for my tastes. So, although he wasn’t the worst character in the world by far, he also annoyed me a lot of the time. But I enjoyed the other characters, and I’d definitely say they were all well-written!

TL,DR Recommendation

All in all, I recommend checking this book out! It was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and the parts I liked far outweighed the aspects I didn’t. Additionally, the science fiction elements included in the story truly do make it a unique book; so, I encourage you to give it a chance, if that sounds like your kind of book.

If you do choose to read this book, drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts! I always love to connect over books. Additionally, if you enjoyed my post for The Green Cathedral book tour, feel free to use the Book Tours tab above (located under the Extras tab!) to check out more of the tours I’ve participated in. I’ve had the honor of being part of a lot of amazing tours for a lot of great books, so I highly encourage checking some of them out!


Abel Nowinski, a former elite Navy SEAL and now a corrupt DEA agent, deals with the ugliest part of humanity. It’s no wonder he’s losing his moral compass and his illegal side hustle has him on the run from some of the most dangerous carterls in South America.

Finding refuge in a small beach town, he stumbles upon a deadly yet stunning young woman, a stranded alien whose space craft crash-landed years before and who has made her home in the dense jungle of a tiny nearby island. At first they clash, but as the pair get to know each other, an unlikely passion ignites.

But Abel can’t escape his dark past, which now threatens to destroy the profoundly beautiful place, way of being, and creature with whom he has fallen deeply in love.

The Green Cathedral is a fast-paced thrill ride that examines the nature of beauty and love and the power of both to heal our damaged souls.

–from the back cover of The Green Cathedral

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