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by Hope Hanson
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The Fourth Kinetic Cover

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Fourth Kinetic book tour! If you’ve been reading my reviews and posts for a while, then you might remember when I participated in the cover reveal event for this book. There’d been a tour for the book then, but I didn’t have the time to be part of it. So, I was thrilled when Love Books Tours announced a second tour!

And now, I can happily say that this book didn’t disappoint me. But keep scrolling to find my review and learn more about my likes and dislikes in The Fourth Kinetic.

Firstly, though, I want to say thank you to Love Books Tours and Brady Moore for the opportunity to read and review this book. If you want to learn more about Moore and his work, you can check out his official author site here.


Rating: 3.5/5

Alright, let’s start with the positives!

As I mentioned before, I really liked the concept behind this story. Essentially, the plot revolves around Clairvoyants, who have special abilities like prophetic vision or telepathy or telekinesis–Rion, the main character, has the last. I really liked how Moore presented and described these abilities, and I enjoyed the intrigue surrounding how they came to be this way.

Honestly, I just always love a good sci-fi plot with a creepy science organization, and Moore one-hundred-percent delivered on that front.

As for the characters, I liked them well enough. Rion went through a lot over the course of the story, and it was interesting to see how he changed and developed. But there were also so many awesome side characters; I don’t think I had a particular favorite, though.

One thing I think could’ve been improved in the story, though, was the pacing. The author blew by some scenes so quickly, and I felt some of them could’ve used more attention. And the opposite was also true; there were parts that dragged a bit, too. It wasn’t terrible, though, I just think a little editing would’ve been beneficial.

Also, I think some of the overly descriptive writing could’ve been cut out. That’s more of a personal taste problem, though; sometimes, Moore lingered too long on descriptions (especially when he described things by comparison) and it didn’t mesh well with my tastes.

So, overall, I do recommend reading this one! It had a lot of awesome action and a cast full of great characters, and the general concept of the story is honestly so fascinating. If you’re in the mood for something that kind of walks the line between sci-fi and modern fantasy, then this would definitely be a great choice for you.

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