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by Hope Hanson
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Hi guys! Today’s my stop for the Spellbound spotlight tour being hosted by NBB Book Tours (a branch of the ever-amazing Nerdy Book Box). I’m genuinely so thankful for both NBB Tours and Rebecca L. Garcia to have been included in this tour because this book sounds awesome! I mean, we all know how much I adore witches…

Plus, the blurb related Spellbound to To Kill a Kingdom and Kingdom of the Wicked. I really enjoyed the first and a lot of my friends love the latter, so that’s a pretty good comparison, in my opinion.

But keep reading to find the full synopsis, important links, and everything else!


“A dark and twisted fantasy standalone romance, where hate and love collide in a world filled with snarky witches and vengeful gods. Perfect for fans of To Kill a Kingdom and Kingdom of the Wicked

Grieving being torn from her beloved sister, who remained behind in the human kingdom, Elle makes it her life purpose to become a keeper in her curse-keeper coven.

But this calling won’t be an easy one.

The magic possessed by her small coven of four casts them as outsiders throughout the kingdom. Yet when witches are found murdered in the woods, the curse keepers quickly become the town’s only hope.

Many believe the murders are the work of a god. An old one returned in search of vengeance. Elle, on the other hand, suspects Viktor, the new warlock to town, is somehow linked to the violent deaths. However, his agenda doesn’t stop there.

Infiltrating her coven.

Charming everyone around him.

Threatening her plans to become a keeper.

This rivalry quickly becomes personal.

When the truth behind the murders surfaces, Elle finds herself thrust into a dangerous new world, trapped between twisted hearts and terrifying beings. With the victims piling up, she must decide who to trust and who to protect before it’s too late.

Embraced by Darkness is a collection of standalone books set in the same world without an overarching plot, which means you can start with any books in the series and pick and choose which ones you want to read. This collection of novels follows different couples as they go from enemies to friends to lovers while facing dangerous obstacles in a world split between humans, witches, and gods, set in two kingdoms that separate them.”

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