Natural Born by Morgan Perryman

by Hope Hanson
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All 16-year-old Quid wants is to live a normal life, but it’s almost impossible when she keeps a secret that could change the world. With every emotion, she alters the environment around her. She helps the withering plants grow. Animals flock to her for help. The wind whirls if she gets too excited. The rain pours when she is sad. Nature responds to her every mood.

Quid can’t just be a teenager, go to high school, make friends. Her influence fries every computer and blows the lights out when she gets too excited or upset. She can never lose control. How can she live a life where she is never allowed to feel real joy, sorrow, or even love?

Meanwhile, something, or someone, is spreading toxic contamination that threatens to decimate both forest and farmland. On a summer trip, Quid meets a strange group that calls themselves The Believers. They claim to want to help the land and stop the threat, but what lengths are they willing to go?

As the poison in the land spreads, she wonders if she is the one destined to defeat it. If she does, will it cost her her secret? How long will it be before it’s all too much for her to control?

–from the blurb about Natural Born

Disclaimer: This book was procured and read through BookSirens. Many thanks to BookSirens and Morgan Perryman for the chance to read it! Please see my full Disclosure and my Review Policy for more info.

Rating: 3.5/5

So, today’s review is one I’m super excited to share with you! It’s also fitting since today is International Women’s Day and this book is published by Literary Ladies Ltd. So before we get to the review, I’m going to quickly share some information about this company!

About Literary Ladies Ltd

This publishing and editing company is actually owned by Perryman! Literary Ladies Ltd’s goal is “to support and encourage stories of the marginalized, bringing hope and guidance to women in need.” Perryman herself has extensive experience with helping writers; you can learn more about her experience on the company’s homepage. Plus, you can check out their books, current projects, and artist partners! You can also sign up for their newsletter to get news and updates. I highly encourage checking them out and showing some support!


Firstly, I love the message of this book. The concept of balancing progress with protecting the environment is important, and I enjoyed the way Perryman dealt with this in Natural Born. Additionally, I just love the premise! I mean, come on. A girl who can control and influence nature with her emotions? That’s awesome.

Plus, the story definitely lives up to the promise of that premise. Although I was initially hesitant about the beginning of the book, I ended up happy for the insight into the early years of Quid’s life. Obviously, it gave context to the rest of the story, but it also made me care about Quid’s parents, Merle and Vernie. Also, I think seeing the contrast between Quid as a child and as a teenager was important. Just reading it in narration or dialogue definitely wouldn’t have been quite as impactful.

On that note, I enjoyed the main cast of characters; Perryman did a great job bringing them to life. And of course, I liked seeing the different relationships between them. I think one thing I would have liked to see more of, though, is greater character development with some of the side characters. The antagonists, especially, seemed somewhat flat. Of course, that could be due to limited time “on-screen.” Additionally, there was a lot that happened plot-wise in this book. And obviously, the more focus there is on the action and whatnot, the less room there is more character development. Which, to be frank, I don’t necessarily dislike.

The only other thing that stuck out to me with Natural Born was that there were a few occasions where the writing itself was slightly unwieldy. But it wasn’t often, and it didn’t really detract from my interest in the story overall, so this definitely isn’t a poison pill.

TL,DR Recommendation

All things considered, I really enjoyed this one! There were some instances of clunky writing, but the great story and message overpower that. Plus, Perryman is talented at painting a vibrant picture and bringing her story to life. From the compelling premise to the exciting plot, there was a lot to love about this book. So, I highly encourage checking it on its release day April 6th. And if you do choose to read Natural Born, let me know your thoughts; I’d love to hear them!

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