Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater

by Hope Hanson
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The stakes have never been higher as it seems like either the end of the world or the end of dreamers approaches.

Do the dreamers need the ley lines to save the world . . . or will their actions end up dooming the world? As Ronan, Hennessy, and Bryde try to make dreamers more powerful, the Moderators are closing in, sure that this power will bring about disaster. In the remarkable second book of The Dreamer Trilogy, Maggie Stiefvater pushes her characters to their limits – and shows what happens to them and others when they start to break.

–from the blurb about Mister Impossible
5 star review
Rating: 5/5

It’s time people! I am finally bringing you my review for Mister Impossible!

Of course, I would’ve loved to read this all in one go the day I got it, but it’s the middle of exam season for me. So, the responsible sliver of my brain demanded I take some time to study instead of reading. (Boo, responsible sliver.)

Anyway, I finally finished it a couple of days ago, so I can finally share my thoughts! And, oh boy, do I have a lot of thoughts. Seriously, this book did not disappoint; I was so, so hyped for this, and it still managed to exceed my expectations.


First of all, I must comment on the Declan content. That’s the real reason I’m here, after all. Anyway, it was a solid ten out of ten. I am forever grateful for the character development Stiefvater continues to give him in this new series, I truly am.

As for the other characters, I, of course, loved them, too. I really enjoyed both Ronan and Hennessy’s arcs in this book, and how they played off one another. Honestly, I just loved the whole dynamic between them, and then with Bryde, too. Of course, I also really liked all the other characters and their individual storylines. But I don’t think I have time to just list them all, unfortunately.

Now, when it came to the overarching plot, Stiefvater honestly just blew me away. It was fast-paced and kept me entranced the entire time, and it had the perfect balance of different emotions and tones. And all the different twists and turns were so amazing. (Especially that ending. No spoilers, of course, but the climax at the end was seriously jaw-dropping.)

Honestly, I can’t really talk about the characters and the plot separately. I mean, those two things are always very interconnected, but I think that was especially true with this book. I think a big part of that had to do with all the different perspectives; it was so fascinating to see, through these characters, how different points of view and different experiences contribute to determining what’s right and what’s wrong. (Did I come here for philosophy? No. Did I get it? Yes. Did I love it? Also yes.)

So, yes, this book lived up to all my expectations; it was definitely worth the wait, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

TL,DR Recommendation

Unsurprisingly, I highly recommend this book. Well, really, I just highly recommend both these series, and Stiefvater’s writing in general. (I can’t wait to finally get around to reading All The Crooked Saints and The Scorpio Races, by the way!) The characters in this installment were excellent as always, and the plot was a rollercoaster ride that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I have zero negative thoughts about this.

If you already read Mister Impossible, or if you do in the future, drop a comment down below and let me know your thoughts! I will be more than happy to chat about it.

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