Happy Release Day The Burden of Legacy by Pemry Janes

by Hope Hanson
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The Burden of Legacy Cover

Happy Release Day to The Burden of Legacy by Pemry Janes! I read the first book in The Living Sword series earlier this year and enjoyed it, and I’m excited to inform you that the third book is now out and available for purchase! I’ll be reviewing both the second and third books in the coming months, and I’m so excited to do so; the blurbs sound awesome!

I actually mentioned in my review for the first one that I wanted to learn more about Leraine, and guess what?! Book three is going to be about Leraine! So, yeah, I’m pretty thrilled to read it.

If you’re interested in finding out what The Burden of Legacy is about, read the blurb below. And click here to check out my review for The Living Sword and see more of my thoughts on it.


Leraine has finally returned home, but the welcome is not as she imagined it. Tension is rising within the Mochedan Federation as many advocate for an end to the long peace and a return to the glory of war.

She sets off to the most important festival of the Mochedan, hoping to preserve the peace for at least a little while longer. Eurik joins her, to help his friend and to finally find the answers about his parents he’s been chasing since he left the island. 

What they find is theft, murder, and a conspiracy to end their world.

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