Lycus: The Prophecy of Annihilation Cover Reveal!

by Hope Hanson
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Lycus Cover

Alright, I know I already posted a post today–and it was another tour post, too–but I have another for you, now! NBB Books Tours needed some more people to participate in the Lycus: The Prophecy of Annihilation cover reveal event, so obviously, I said yes! I mean, look at that cover. It’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it?!

I included the blurb below, but first, let me tell you a little bit about this book. It’s a dark adult fantasy that centers around the enemies-to-lovers trope; I know a lot of you love that, too, so hopefully, Lycus appeals to you! Additionally, this book was written by two wonderful authors of color, and they wove a lot of their cultural values into the story.

The release date for Lycus is October 31st; be sure to check it out if you like the sound of it!

Now, let’s get into the synopsis and the important links!


Lycan fated mates—divided by beliefs, united by desire, at the mercy of a culling—are the only hope of turning the tides of a genocidal war

Prophecy and destiny plunged the Lycan race into war and devastation. Facing genocide, a rebellion is born… and hemorrhages lives with every devastating Council blow.

Belaize—ruthless, callous, wicked—assassinates in the name of the Council. He’s a deadly weapon aiding their attempts to exterminate all those who dare choose love over law.

Eliana, kind, cool-headed, smart, stands next in line to lead the tattered rebellion against the Council. It’s a losing battle, but she’ll fight to the death.

When these titans clash, they’ll discover the awful truth; they’re bound by destiny… to be mates.

With a rebellion raging, a sinister evil hides in the shadows of chaos, waiting to bring all werewolves to their knees before wiping them out from their nation.

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