Favorite Debut Books

by Hope Hanson
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Debut Book Sons of Mil

Today, I have a Top 5 Wednesday prompt for you! I was on the fence about doing this one because I knew it would require some digging, and I’m a bit busy at the moment. But I decided to put the effort in and make this list of my favorite debut books. To be honest, it didn’t take as much as I thought it would.

But before we get into my selections, here’s the original prompt:

Debut novels are an author’s first published book. Which of your favorite books are debut novels?

(This month’s prompts were provided by Alex (The Scribe Owl). Top 5 Wednesday was originally created by GingerReadsLainey.)

So, obviously, for a good number of authors, their first book isn’t their best. The more one writes, the better one gets, and all that. But these are debut books that I absolutely loved, and I recommend you try reading if you haven’t already.

The Sons of Mil by L.M. Riviere

LM Riviere the Sons of Mil cover

I know, a shocking choice, right? I absolutely love this book; it’s one of my top ten favorite books of all time. It’s included in far too many of the lists I make. I post about it way too often on Bookstagram. But this book deserves all of that. The story is so enthralling, the characters are excellently written, and the world-building is unbelievable. Seriously, read this book.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes cover

This is another book that’s on my list of top ten favorites! I actually forgot An Ember in the Ashes was Tahir’s debut book; and, I mean, what an amazing debut. I loved every single book in this series. They all had amazing plots, and of course, the characters were awesome, too. Plus, you know I’m a sucker for world-building, and the fictional world of these books was so detailed and interesting to read about.

I think most people have read these already, but if you haven’t, I’d definitely recommend picking them up!

Darius the Great Is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

Darius the Great Cover

This is another of my favorites! The book has so many amazing, important themes, and Khorram’s presentation of them is excellent. Definitely read my review of the book for more detail, since I really don’t know how to condense all my thoughts and feelings about it into a short paragraph for here.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Honestly, the Throne of Glass series isn’t my favorite. I definitely enjoyed it, though, probably more than the ACOTAR series. I mean, you just can’t deny that Aelin is awesome, can you? But, anyway, the story of the first in this series was so interesting and, just in general, it’s a pretty great book. Definitely, one of the best debut books when it comes to YA fantasy.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Honestly, it’s weird to think of this one as a debut novel. After all, Miller has only written two books–this, and Circe. Still, this is another of my all-time favorite books, and it was the first Miller wrote. It’s just a beautiful book, and you should definitely read it if you haven’t already.

So, I hope you enjoyed my picks for my favorite debut books! There are probably a lot more that I could give honorable mentions to, but these are some of my favorites. Feel free to leave your own choices for your favorite debut books in a comment below!

Also, if you enjoyed reading this post, go ahead and use the Extras tab above to find more of the same content. I’ve made a lot of lists, and they have a lot of great book recommendations in them.

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