7 Books with School Settings

by Hope Hanson
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The Raven King Aesthetic

Hi everyone! So, in honor of my first day of classes today, I put together a list of 7 books with school settings. Some of these I’ve read, and some are still on my TBR list. But the latter all come highly recommended, so I feel confident including them here!

Also, due to my need to take photos a while in advance and how T5W prompts clash with that, I’ll probably be doing fewer of those from now on. I won’t completely stop with them, but I’ll definitely be doing more lists of my own creation. Just a heads up!

Now, let’s talk about some books in school settings!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

This is actually my current read, and I am loving it so far! Honestly, I can’t believe it took me this long to get to it, since Leigh Bardugo is one of my favorite authors. But I’m here now, and better late than never, and all that. Anyway, this one is set at Yale and deals with secret societies–and you can never go wrong with secret societies.

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales

I read this one for a readathon back in June and really enjoyed it. It had the perfect balance between heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, and I loved how Gonzales dealt with perspective. Plus, Ollie was a great narrator, with an excellent sense of humor and perseverance I admired. So, if you enjoy YA rom-com, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

This trilogy came to a wonderful end this year; I definitely want to reread all the books at some point, though! But it’s really only the first book that has a school setting since the characters graduate at the end. They do revisit Watford in the final book, though, which I thought was a nice touch that brought everything full circle.

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven King Cover

Obviously, I had to include The Raven Cycle in this list! It’s one of my favorite series of all time, and it’s set in part at Aglionby Academy. Of course, the most interesting settings of the series are other places–like Cabeswater and the Barns–but it still makes the cut for having a school setting!

Dead Poets Society by Nancy H. Kleinbuam

Okay, this is one I’m a little bit scared to read! A couple of my friends absolutely adore the movie and the book, so I watched the movie in order to see whether I would love it, too. And I did! But I know the book was written after the movie, and that there are some who say it’s lacking. So, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll end up thinking of it. But I definitely still want to read it at some point!

Simon vs. the Homio Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

I’ve been holding off on watching the movie until I’ve read the book, and, honestly, I need to get to it soon!! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t already but isn’t that the story of all our lives when it comes to the books we promise we’re going to read soon? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to reading it, and I can’t wait to watch the movie, too!

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Another book I’m super excited to read! So many people have praised it and recommended it, and I can’t wait to get into it myself. Plus, based on the description, it looks like this one has some minor Arthurian elements to it. And you know how much I love that!

So, I hoped you enjoyed my list of 7 books with school settings. If you’ve read any of these, drop a comment down below and let me know what you thought of them! Or, you can give me your own recommendations for books with school settings. Additionally, if you enjoyed this post, you can use the Extras tab above to find more of the same content!

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